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I have never been more excited to share a Solution Focused resource as I am today, as I invite you to join The Solution Focused Universe. This is something I have been dreaming about for years, and I am finally able to deliver it. As you may know, I teach the Solution Focused Approach all around the world, I’ve even published a few books along the way. A couple of things I always emphasize are the importance of practicing this as a skill and the importance of watching actual sessions by video or live if you can find a place to observe. Mastering the Solution Focused Approach is challenging, due to the differences between this approach and traditional problem focused approaches to psychotherapy, doing these things are keys to learning to use this approach effectively.

However, there is a 3rd thing that I have always wanted to offer but never really quite knew how to deliver it, until now. This third thing is just as important in mastering this approach, if not more so, as practicing and watching actual sessions. This 3rd thing is being a part of a community of other SFBT professionals. The reason community is so important is because most of us become super enthusiastic about this approach when we read materials or attend events. However, things become challenging when we return to the real world. Once we return to our offices and classrooms, the influence of the other more problem-focused approaches begin to impact our enthusiasm. People say things like, “SFBT is a band aid approach” or “it only works with certain clients” or “this approach is not evidenced based”. Each of things are untrue but that does not stop people from saying them and impacted your confidence.

Belonging to community helps us stay resolute in our belief in the Solution Focused Approach as well as provides access to SFBT resources so we can keep our skills sharp. That is what The Solution Focused Universe is all about. Providing you with continual access to Solution Focused mentorship, training materials, support and so much more!

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Elliott Connie
Elliott ConnieFounder & President

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