The Mission of The Solution Focused University is quite simple, to provide a sense of community and access to high quality Solution Focused training materials on a monthly basis.

The Solution Focused Approach is a hard to master, there are several reasons for this. Not the least of which is the fact that the Solution Focused community is spread all throughout the world making it difficult for practitioners of this approach to find guidance, support, and mentorship.

Another significant issue is training materials are even harder to locate, and often times once located, these materials can be expensive and may not be presented by well trained Solution Focused professionals. There are many false myths about this approach and people teaching these myths as if they are truths. This makes it more and more important to receive materials from reputable sources.

This is what The Solution Focused University provides, monthly resources from the leaders in the field as well as networking opportunities and a sense of community to Solution Focused professionals from all over the world.

In choosing a name for this many options were reviewed and explored. We decided to use the term “university” do highlight the focus on learning that be present in the materials delivered for the members. This is NOT a university in the traditional, degree conferring, sense and we do not wish to confuse or mislead anyone. This is subscription program dedicated to learning the Solution Focused Approach. Here in the United States it is common to use the term “University” in this way for training institutions (McDonald’s Hamburger University is an example of this). We recognize not all of our members and followers come from within the United States, thus we are very interested in being as clear and transparent as possible as to not confuse anyone.

By being a member of The SFU, you will not receive a degree, as that is not our focus. However, you will receive high quality training materials each month, designed to help you master the Solution Focused Approach and stay connected to others that are also passionate about learning this method.

Elliott Connie
Elliott ConnieFounder & President